I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.  —Mahatma Gandhi

When I saw this quote, I thought I was going to literally sob!  I thought, “Father, what has happened??”  In the word it says in the last days the love of the CHURCH will wax cold!  In many churches, people have become clannish, my four and no more, my family is all I need and you are not one of them!  I have witnessed this with my own eyes.

When we become critical of others in the church, or Christians in general, we will always see the wrong and it will make us angry.  We will then make ourselves an entity unto ourselves!  The devil comes as an angel of light, but he comes and points out faults and then tries to get you to reason…

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  1. Freedomborn Says:

    Thank you for rebloging it’s kind of you Jennyelaine  to value those who share and what they share.
    Speaking from the experience of rejection because of physical defects, I agree with Julia, some people do focus on others weaknesses and shortcomings and God tells us we are not to judge these in others as we have bigger ones ourselves and  when we do we see in others our own reflection like a mirror.  But I think we would all agree that when someone hurts us  we seek those we value as friends for comfort and prayer, we can see this in Scripture too, especially if they don’t want to resolve the problems that caused the hurt but continue to inflict more unwarranted hurt. Evil slander and also gossip when it  is based on lies and hearsay, can cause much damage too.
    There are two different types of Love, God’s and worldly or fleshy  love, which is often Saccharine sweet, very tolerant of sin and evil and accepting of affirmation even when in error and will give it to even those who speak against Jesus Christ and us His followers and it also rejects Godly advice and correction. The Bible tells us  people who have this type of love have itching ears. God’s Love encourages and uplifts but will also do what is needed for those who they care about and Love, and will if needed protect them from eternal danger even if it means rejection. We are to Love people but not the evil they speak and do, we are to stand up against it.
    I do not believe that God plans, suffering or willingly allows it or afflicts us physically when we sin or are in error and this is confirmed in Scripture  but He does rebuke sin, warn against it and correct error and He uses the Boby of Christ to do so, each one of us is responsible to keep the Church pure we are Jesus’ hans, arms, feet and voice in a fallen world and so if needed we are to confront those who sin and disobey and reject God’s guidelines or those who are Teaching error but we do so  in Love and for Love and if needed sometimes firmly and with the confirmation of Scripture and there are quiet a few Scriptures that confirm this Truth.
    Mahatma Gandhi although a reformer and claiming to do so peacefully, often threatened suicide if his demands were not met , he was seeking independence and power.  I feel sorry for his wife, he became Celibrant after Marrying her and having a child, denying her the rights of a wife, God holds our  marriage vows very highly, we are not to deny each other. Christianity is all about Trust and dependance on God which shows our Love for Him, we are to be like small Children with their Parents, Jesus was not Gandhi’s heart focus, although not disrespectful to any religious leader, he rejected Jesus as His Lord and Saviour, this means  he could not have had a Godly Love, because we can’t have it unless we are in Christ Jesus, it’s His Love that we are to ask for and receive and then choose to  walk in as we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to do so.
    Yes it is  so easy to see others weaknesses and faults, yet be blind to our own sin and error.
    Christian Love from us both – Anne.

  2. simplyjuliana Says:

    I wish I had seen the above comment earlier. I am the author of this article and in no way was I pointing to Ghandi as someone we were to follow, but to show how the “world” can perceive Christians. It was meant to be an attitude check on how we portray Christ and His love to the world. Thank you and blessings to you, Jenny Elaine.

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