Some Rhetorical Questions about Love, Foot Washing, and Gaydar

Powerful stuff!!!!

The Unexpected Pastor

FootWashing Questions for the day:  If proposed legislation passes that would “protect” Christian businesses from having to serve gay folks, how will those Christians know who is gay and who is not?  Where exactly is gaydar on those lists of gifts of the Spirit in either Romans or I Corninthians ?

Undaunted by their defeat in Arizona, some Christians are pushing laws in other states that would allow discrimination for religious reasons.  This is not just a “gay issue;” there is no enumeration in some of these laws of who could be excluded on religious grounds.  I suppose Christian businesses could refuse to serve those who live together without being married, unwed mothers, people with tattoos, men with long hair, women with short hair or wearing jewelry, and on and on.

Here’s another pair of questions:  Aren’t we Christians called to serve our neighbor? And wasn’t Jesus’ point in…

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