Some Artwork, Some Comment…

 Tree of Birds


I have been thoroughly enjoying the creating. Guess it’s therapeutic. I love trying new things…lately it has been what I can do in the area of digital art. I’m not too crazy about vector art where the pictures seem more manufactured then created. I’d rather do more ‘traditional art done digitally’ I guess you could say!

I created this piece as a way of expressing the feelings I’ve had of being trapped. Trapped in a marriage of abuse. From the outside it might look like a gilded cage…beautiful and sparkling. But from the inside all I can feel is hopelessness and fear…and then see through the bars all the birds that are out and about – free.

If I was a bird, I wouldn’t mind having a lovely and safe place to spend my nights…but only if the door would be opened and I was able to fly free during the day. …




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